For over 30 years we have been working with individuals, groups, small and medium sized businesses to introduce them to north-east Asian travel markets, in particular China, Mongolia and Central Asia. We have offices in Beijing and Ulanbataar staffed with both western and local colleagues who know the travel environment like no one else and are there to make sure you meet the people who matter.

At Asia Bridge we act local but think global + care for the individual. We put your best interests at heart and act accordingly.

Safe & Secure - Choose Asia Bridge for beneficial long-term goals. We believe you have to fully understand local culture and customs before any action is taken- our staff are based in London, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Ulanbataar.

Added Value - Network, connect and get into the inner-circles. Meet locals and experts who have in-depth on-the-ground-experience.

Cross-cultural communication – Language and culture is not a problem, define your goals and let us help to create projects for mutual benefit between you and your local partner. We are the experts on tourism and related cultural exchange, ranging from sport, film, art, education and humanitarian exchange.

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We provide the following services for small- to middle-sized travel companies and private sector: