We are a British run company based in London, Hong Kong, Beijing and Ulanbataar. We provide thorough tour briefings and background information and because of our local contacts and regular travel we have the most relevant advice for our customers to ensure a safe and fruitful trip. If Asia Bridge cannot arrange visas or the tour is cancelled by our partners a full refund will be made (note that with all refunds Asia Bridge will not be held liable for any bank charges). Standard disclaimer: Asia Bridge reserves the right to withdraw service and cancel a tour at any time. In this eventuality a full refund of any monies paid by the customer will be made. We realize that in many instances, cancelling a trip is due to circumstances beyond your control. If you do cancel but are able to make another trip at a later date we will do our best to offer you a discount. Cancellation has the following charges to apply:

Nr. of days before tour departs % of tour cost
0 (day of departure) 100%
1 70%
2 - 30 40%

The prices on this website are correct at the time of website publication, however, Asia Bridge reserves the right to raise or lower its prices at any time. We also reserve the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices (both before and after your confirmation has been issued). Please note, changes and errors sometimes occur. Flight/train price increases are out of our control and any increase in fee may be passed onto the tourist.

Important information on Visas, Itinerary, Insurance


As is standard in the tourism industry we need to make all our tourists aware that Asia Bridge can offer no guarantee of the success of the visa applications, or that the tour itself will be operated as advertised. Do note that in our many years of operation and thousands of tours we have had only a handful of applications refused, and arbitrary denial of permission to travel is exceptionally rare indeed and we expect to be able to secure a visa for all applications that we make.

If for any reason we cannot get you a visa Asia Bridge cannot be held liable for the travel and hardship expenses incurred in getting to Beijing. You will of course receive a full refund of any money paid to Asia Bridge.


Asia Bridge will do their best to ensure the itinerary is similar to the one we advertise however if on arrival it changes we cannot be held responsible. We advertise and promote our tours according to the advice given by the the local companies we co-operate with and their decision is final. We cannot offer refunds for tours once you are in the country.

Insurance Policy - PLEASE NOTE:

As is standard practice with legitimate tour operators and in particular due to the isolation of many of the countries we visit, Asia Bridge insist that tourists have full medical insurance. We will not take you into the country without this so please read the following:

Asia Bridge cannot be held responsible for any mishap to yourself or your property and in particular any consequence or effects of flight/train cancellation/delay, robbery, sickness, Government intervention or other such happenings. You are advised to insure yourself against any possible risk that may occur and in particular to ensure that sufficient insurance has been obtained in respect of any dependant relatives. It is your responsibility to be covered by insurance which must include medical expenses and the cost of repatriation should you become too ill to continue. Any claims must be directed to your insurers. We will require you to sign a form stating that you have adequate insurance coverage and that Asia Bridge will not be held liable for any medical expenses you may incur. If you have a medical condition which may affect your health or safety you must inform us before visa application.

Insurance Available Through Asia Bridge

Asia Bridge is pleased to be able to offer comprehensive travel insurance to all our clients at a reasonable rate and through a system that means it is available to purchase as late as one day before the tour. In cooperation with AXA Insurance Group. We can offer packages for 7 or 12 days (longer on request - maximum 90 days) that will allow all the usual travel fears of what fees could be run-up if you ever needed emergency treatment on a tour, or to medically evacuated to Beijing or beyond for medical care for which unlimited coverage is offered – for a full list of what the policy covers and to what extent please contact us for more details

The prices are listed below, this can be paid in cash at the pre-tour briefing one day before the tour and coverage will take effect from the day of departure. Please email us as far in advance as possible if you would like to take out our insurance policy in order to avoid any problems. If you are between 71 - 80 years old you will need to provide additional information - please contact us for more details.

7 days is the shortest business package available and this is good for worldwide coverage with the exception of domestic travel in China. Having an insurance during your travel period can give you a peace of mind and know that in the event of an emergency happening on your travels you will be adequately insured.

7 day coverage:

Adults: 300 RMB

Children (1-17): 200 RMB

12 day coverage:

Adults: 400 RMB

Children (1-17): 300 RMB


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